Monday, February 27, 2012


Grammy and Papo got Madi a bubble machine for her birthday and she loves it! Practically every night we have a little dance party with the bubbles.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Madilicious is 2!!

Because Madi really likes Elmo, I decided to have an Elmo themed birthday party. Thanks to Pinterest, I had a lot of cute ideas.  I'm pretty happy with how it came out considering I was trying to keep it as low key and cheap as possible.  I have a hard time with throwing a huge party for my kids and spending a lot of money on parties, especially when they are as young as Madi.  One, they won't remember it. Two, what they do remember is the feelings they had, not the frills. And three, why would I invite a bunch of kids that she's not even friends with...yet (no offense to the little kids in nursery. ;) ). It just seemed pointless. So we just had a cute and simple family gathering.  But of course I had to do a little frilliness for the party decorations.  I couldn't let my Pinterest research go to waste. 
First of all, I love how the Elmo cupcakes turned out. I saw plenty of examples on Pinterest but I'll be honest, I think mine are the cutest.  Mostly because I like the proportions of the facial features better. I used Mentos for the eyes, an orange jelly bean for the nose and oreos for the mouth. The color theme was red and turquoise. (also, pinterest inspired) And the balloons hanging from the ceiling idea, I bet you can guess where that came from too.  
Madi had just woken up from her nap and I don't think she was even feeling that well. During the whole singing/blowing out candles/eating cupcakes she was like a zombie. She ate the jelly bean nose and barely took one bite of her cupcake and that's it.  Not that I'm complaining that she didn't eat that oh so healthy cupcake.  I was just hoping for a little bit of a show or some personality or maybe just a smile. Is a smile to much to ask? ;) 
But, once we broke out the noise maker blow thing-a-ma-jigs she started to come to life a little, and she even smiled! Yes! Two dollars well worth it! 
When we asked her if she wanted to open her presents, in the cutest little excited voice she says, "uhhh huhhh!" I wish ya'll could hear the inflection in her voice. It's was so cute.
By the end of the night she was a regular party animal.  Se even put on a pretty awesome Super Bowl halftime show for us (we celebrated her birthday on Sunday). She is quite the little dancer.  But I'm not surprised.  I've been known to have some sweet dance moves myself. *said in an egotistical voice as I brush off my shoulders* ;)

On her actual birthday, Tuesday, Mema and Popi took us to Chuck E. Cheese!  Madi had fun riding the rides but her favorite part was watching the "mouse" show. 
 We even got to meet the "mouse" and she gave him a high five. I was surprised that she wasn't scared of good ol' Chucky.
Later that evening and post nap we went to watch Aunt Allie play in her basketball game.  Madi loves going to Allies games.  She talks about it ALL the time. Every day. Several times a day, to be exact. She says "allie basitball?" 

It twas a great birthday and I can't believe my little girl is two now.  She is just growing up so fast and getting to be so much fun.  I love her little personality and that she still has the best little cheeks.  Happy Birthday Madilicious!!