Monday, April 11, 2011

Cute Videos

Madi has inherited mine and my mothers "dance if you love what your eating" trait. It's pretty cute, I'm not going to lie. 
She has also learned how to say the word "tickle" or "tigull". It's so cute.  
Madi loves doing tricks with Daddy. 

Sunday, April 10, 2011

St. George/Conference Weekend

Last weekend we decided to make a short trip to St. George to visit Grammy and Papo.  Aunt Malaena and our cousin Sadie were there also so it was fun to see them too. And we definitely enjoyed the warm sunny weather. The fact that Provo was getting snow while we were in St. George made it all the more enjoyable! hehe.

Saturday morning we went to see Grammy finishing her triathlon.  She did awesome! She placed 3rd in her division and definitely inspired me to do something like it.  I think I'll start slowly though, like maybe a 5K. haha. After the first session of conference we went to see their potential new house, did a little off-roading in the Sidekick, and then came home for some ice cream and more conference.
Eating some yummy chocolate ice cream!
Then later that evening we went to eat at a yummy Hawaiian place. It was so good. Especially the shaved ice with vanilla ice cream in the bottom. Definitely a first for me. And hopefully not the last.  Maybe one day I will have some Hawaiian food IN Hawaii... ;)  
Bruce with his huge-o shaved ice and Madi with Grammy. 
Madi really enjoyed playing with her cousin Sadie while we were there. It was so cute to see them together. I could tell that Madi looked up to Sadie(10 mo older) and Sadie was so sweet to Madi too. She called Madi her "little buddy".

Sunday between conference sessions we went to a little park down town. The park has a fun little stream of water for the kids to play in. Madi wasn't too interested though and stuck close to mommy and daddy. The warm sun and the smell of sun screen made me itching for summer for sure! If it snows one more time I think I might lose my sanity! But on a lighter note, we definitely had fun in St. George and it was the perfect little getaway.