Our Story

(I apologize ahead of time for the lengthiness. For me, blogging is the closest I will get to writing a journal.  So I wanted to make sure I wrote down all the details.)

And so the story goes....
It was May of 2008 on a Sunday evening and I(Brittany), went with my roommates Armi and Boon to visit some friends from our old ward at ward prayer.  It was a beautiful spring evening, therefore, ward prayer was outside.  While my roommates and I were getting our "flirt" on we ran into Bruce's roommate, Vic.  Vic invited us to come across the street and meet his roommates.  As we were walking over he pointed to Bruce and said, "that's my roommate Bruce.  He has really big muscles."  Of coarse, Boon and I could not pass up the opportunity to get our hands on his rock hard pecs.  With a little encouragement from Boon, we walked up behind Bruce, and placed our hands on his pecs.  Mind you this was before we even introduced ourselves.   And, the rest is history! Ha, jk.  Not even quite.  The rest of the night consisted of Bruce taking us for rides on Armi's scooter (Ah, yet another opportunity to feel his abs.  I think he did this on purpose. haha. ), Bruce showing off his handstand push-ups, and me sitting on a chair and not saying a word. I think we both said good-bye that night not thinking too much of our encounter.
Of coarse, I can't write about Bruce's muscle-y muscle-ness without posting a picture. ;)

Bruce then proceeded to add me as a friend on facebook because he thought that I might be able to introduce him to some of my hot gymnastics friends.  He began stalking my facebook page and seeing what a cool, sexy girl I was (hehe).  So, he invited me to go to a tumbling gym with him.  The whole time we were there he was trying to flirt, and I just wanted to tumble.

We saw each other a couple of times after that but then I had to leave to go home for the summer.  We continued to keep in touch through phone and email.  The more I got to know him the more I realized how amazing he was. I was still unsure how I felt about things because he was not the only guy I was interested in, or who was interested in me.  Having just retired from gymnastics and enjoying my new found freedom, I was looking forward to having fun and playing the field a little bit. ;)

When I got back to Utah, Bruce was ready to jump into a relationship.  I, on the other hand, was not.  When I told Bruce this, of coarse, he was unhappy but agreed to be patient. (although, I knew he wouldn't be for long). And it didn't take long either.  Two days after I broke the news to Bruce he informed me that his mom wanted to set him up with some girl.  Yeah, I didn't like this idea.

After a moonlight ride on the ski lifts, a drive to squaw peak, a bike ride, and lunch in the park, there was no more denying my feelings for Bruce.  One week after I had been back in Utah we became....facebook official.  One week after that, Bruce told me he loved me.....as a friend. ;) (He chickened out, but professed what he really meant to say later that night). The week after that, I told him I loved him.  Two months later we were engaged. And two months after that we were married. Life since then has been pure bliss! The only thing better than being married to your best friend, is being married to your best friend for eternity!  I sure do love him.  Thank you Heavenly Father for blessing my life with such a wonderful man!

Here are some pictures of our journey thus far.

Bruce is totally my B.F.F.A.E.A.E.F.A.E. (Best.Friend.Forever.And.Ever.And.Ever.For.All.Eternity). ;)