Saturday, January 7, 2012

3rd Anniversary

For our third anniversary we took a short little trip to Virginia Beach. The reason we were able to do this is because of my dad's trucking business. For the past couple of month Bruce has been helping my dad either loading trucks or actually driving them whenever my dad needs it.  It just so happened that my dad had a load that Bruce could take right near Virginia Beach.  So I came with him and we made a little anniversary trip out of it! It was nice because the trip cost us next to nothing. 

Our trip was very relaxing and it was so nice to just be together for a little bit.  We took a dip in the pool, went out to dinner, drank hot chocolate, watched movies, and walked on the beach.  They also had some Christmas lights set up along the beach. You could drive down the boardwalk and look at them.  We went to the aquarium, but the thought of paying $50 bucks to look at fish made us sick to our stomachs, so we left. haha.  

I love my husband SO much.  He makes me so happy. :)

Also, I made this video for our Bruce.  It has pictures from the time we met up until now.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Christmas Crafting/Baking Fun

There are so many cute and fun Christmas crafts out there, especially on Pinterest.  I was dying to give a few a try.

One day, Madi and I made cinnamon ornaments for our little Christmas tree. They smelled so yummy! 
I made these cute little snowmen for Madi's Christmas party at preschool. 
And these cute reindeer cookies for my primary class.
For FHE one night we made gingerbread houses. Madi had a lot of fun. Especially eating the candy instead of putting it on the house. 

Now Madi is obsessed with building houses.  She stacks her books on top of each other and says, "Mom, house. House. Mom, house. I build a house." Then she stacks her sippy cup on top of her plate and says "Mom, house. House. Mom, house. I build a house."  Every time she sees the gingerbread house sitting on the counter she points it out.  It's pretty cute how much she loves that we built a house together and that it's made of candy. 

Christmas Day

I'm 24 and I still get giddy and excited for Christmas. Will that ever go away? I hope not.  

Luckily Madi is still young and doesn't understand that if she gets up earlier we will open presents sooner.  So we got to sleep in until 8am Christmas day! Score! First thing we did when everyone woke up was open our gifts from Santa. 

Here is a video of Madi opening her favorite present. I love her facial expression.  So cute! (Sorry for the shakiness. I was trying to make sure I got her face.)

Madi also got some horsies from Santa.  She was putting them in between her legs and trying to ride them.  
After we opened Santa gifts we had a yummy breakfast of sausage and gravy.
This is the learning tower that Bruce built for Madi.  For all of us really.  Madi is always asking to "help" or "watch" when we are doing anything at the counter.  This way she can be up there with us and I don't have to worry about her falling or the chair sliding out from under her.  We love it!!
Helping daddy make sweet potato casserole.
I have had several people ask me if Madi is always so quiet. The answer is no.  Here is the proof.
After breakfast we headed to Church.  I LOVED being able to go to church on Christmas day.  What better way to celebrate Christ's birth than to go to church?  Church that day was amazing. There were several talks and musical numbers all centered on Christ's birth.  The spirit was so strong during the closing song, I don't think there was a dry eye in the congregation.  I love my church
Our little family on Christmas Day. 
The "kids"
Whole fam.
No words.
After church and a nap we opened the rest of our Christmas presents.  It was a lot of fun watching Madi this year. Crazy how much she has changed since last Christmas.
Posing with the cute TOMS that my mom got Madi for Christmas.  She is too spoiled.  We need some more grandkids to share the love with.

I just love Christmas.  I love the spirit that it brings and I love the reason we celebrate it. I love my Savior. I love my family.  I am so blessed.  So very blessed. 

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas Eve

Off to Grandma's house we go for a little Christmas Eve celebration.  I have so many good memories of Christmas Eve's and Grandma and Grandpa's house.  Eating a scrumptious meal at the "kids" table, having to wait forever for the grown ups to clean up dinner so we could start all the fun stuff, dressing up and acting out the manger scene, listening to Grandpa read Luke 2, trying to recite Twas The Night Before Christmas with Grandma as she read it, snowball competitions, and of course, opening presents. 

Now that we are all grown and most of our cousins have moved away...nothing has changed. :)  Here are some pictures from the night. And because I'm too lazy to group them together in the editor, you get to scroll down to Africa to see all of them.  Sorry. 

Me and the hubs.
Zack and Allie being cute with Madi.                          
Mom and Pops.
Bruce and Madi post opening her Christmas PJ's.
Our normal faces. 
Madi with Uncle "ess en" (Weston)
Snowball time! Everyone gets a scoop of ice cream (snowball) with a candle in it.
 We light the candles and the person to eat their ice cream and keep the candle burning the longest wins. 
Bruce was the wiiiiiner this year!
We also like to have sleepovers on Christmas Eve.  This is the whole clan ready for bed in our newly finished room. 
This is us being excited for Santa come.  
Now it's off to dreamland as we wait for Santa to come and fill our stockings. Yes, Santa still fills our stockings and brings us presents even though we are "old". He's so magical. :)