Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Madi's Bday

We are so blessed to have a lot of family around us.  And lots of family calls for lots of partying right? Oh and let's not forget lots of cake too! Yeah, it was a good week. 

Birthday celebration numero uno was with the Fischer fam. We got together on Sunday to celebrate my cousin Natalie's birthday, Madi's birthday, and the Super Bowl of course! We had a scrumptious dinner consisting of a few Fischer family staples, strawberry pretzel salad and homemade rolls. Yum! And lets not forget the yummy Costco chocolate cake and a lemon bundt cake. 
 Birthday celebration #2 was on Monday Feb 7, Madi's real birthday. Monday afternoon Bruce met us for lunch at the mall, which was a special treat. We also took some time to play at the playground there.
Monday evening we Skyped my parents and Madi opened her presents from them. It was so cute to watch her. She started opening her first one, peeked at it, and then tried to put the paper back as if she wasn't sure she was allowed to take the paper off. 
 Then it was time for cake.  Madi wasn't too interested in the cupcake. She took a couple of bites and then just played with it.  It was still cute to watch her shove her hand in it though.
 Birthday celebration #3 was later that week with the Hymas family. Madi got a fun Yo Gabba Gabba boom box from Grammy and Papo.
 And of course, we had to take some more cake pictures. She sure did put on a show this time around.
Welp, there is Madi's birthday week in a nutshell.  This past year has gone by so fast. I spent all of Madi's birthday reliving the emotions I felt on the day she was born and just being filled with love for my little girl. I never imagined that I could love someone as much as I love Madi. I am so grateful for our little family and I am so blessed to have Bruce and Madi in my life. :)

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