Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Girls Camp

At the end of June I had the opportunity to attend girls camp. It was the first girls camp as the newly created High Point Stake. Because they were in the process of creating a new stake it took a while for them to call a stake camp director (my mom) which meant their choices for a place to go were limited as well. The camp that they found didn't have a whole lot of activities for the girls to do so one of the sisters came up with a fun way for the girls to do their certification.  We had our own Amazing Race! I got to help out with the planning and making sure everything ran smoothly.  I think the girls really enjoyed it and it was fun to be on the "leader" end of girls camp.  I never knew how much planning went in to girls camp! It was a really great experience for me.

I also really loved the theme of camp this year.  It was Happily Ever After centered around President Uchtdorf's talk titled, Your Happily Ever After. If you haven't read it, you should.  Its about all of us being children of our Heavenly Father, sent to this earth for a sacred purpose.  Our life upon this earth is our "once upon a time" and if we are faithful in this journey than we are offered the greatest gift of all, eternal life, and the blessing of our own "happily ever after".  

Here are some of the lyrics to the camp song. It's called Happily Ever After by Jenny Phillips.  I LOVE this song.  Every time the girls sang it I teared up because I could truly feel the love that Heavenly Father has for all of them and how special they all are.  I like it so much that I made a little video of Madelyn to the words of the song, because she is my little princess. :)

Once upon a time
A child was born into this life
Heaven could be seen in her eyes
There was no doubt she was divine
And if you are still you will feel the truth
That the princess in this wondrous story is you

It’s your time
It’s your destiny to shine
So arise
Be true to the royal
That’s inside of you
Don’t settle for the story that
The world would have you write
You were born to reach eternal life
Let faith fill every chapter
Let the Savior lead you to
Happily ever after

It rained one of the nights so we all played Minute To Win It games.

My sister Allie and her princess crown. 
It was really fun to be at camp with both my mom and my sister. My dad even came up at night and gave one of the evening devotionals. Which, by the way, was amazing. I am so grateful to have been able to go to camp this year!

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