Tuesday, October 18, 2011


A couple of weekends ago Bruce and I pulled out all of our camping gear from storage, packed it up, and headed to the ward camp out. Bruce and I love the camp and we thought it would be fun to bring Madi too.  Of course I was nervous about how Madi would sleep, but I figured that since she is such an easy going baby that she would do just fine.  

After we got there and set up our tent we just hung out and sat around the camp fire eating smores and listening to the bishop give a fireside.
Eatin' smores
Chilin' by the fire
 Then we tried to put Madi to bed. We started putting her down around 9:30 (she usually goes to sleep around 8) and she finally fell asleep, in my arms, walking around outside, at 11! We have always been pretty set on Madi sleeping in her own bed ever since she was just a couple of weeks old.  That has worked out great for us...until we tried camping. Let's just say Madi had a hard time settling down lying in the same bed as us.

As much as I'd like to say that the rest of the night was a breeze, it was not.  I tried bundling Madi up since it was going to get down into the high 40's, and I knew she wouldn't keep a blanket on her.  Well, she was uncomfortable and kept waking up. Not wanting to disturb the other campers, we climbed in the front seat of the truck, Madi fell asleep in my arms, and that is where we spent the rest of the night.

Surprisingly, when we woke up that morning, we were both in fairly good moods.  We had some yummy breakfast by the fire and just enjoyed each others company.  But the one thing that made the whole trip worth it was listening to the bishop and his wife talk about farting. Bruce and I felt right at home. Haha! I love our ward!
Sittin' on the back of the truck with our friends Landon and Levi.
 Even though we didn't get much sleep, I can't wait to go again!

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