Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I feel like I haven't blogged in forever. And by forever I mean a couple of hours. Ha! Seriously though, until today it has been a while. There hasn't been too much to write about given the fact that Utah's "spring" is practically non-existent and we are still stuck indoors most of the time. We did enjoy a few days of nice weather last week. We even went on a few walks! Score! And it snowed to today. That was awesome too...

Here is a little bit of what we have been doing lately. We were bored so we decided to explore Park City since neither of us had ever been.  Holy cow there was a lot of snow there.  It was definitely too cold for my liking, and the streets were too narrow. I felt claustrophobic just driving around. But it was fun to just get away and spend time together. 

 Madi has learned how to climb on and in things.
Madi also loves to steal my water bottle.  It think it's funny because the bottle is so big.  
She learned how to color.
And eat crayons. Yum!
Isn't she just so gosh darn cute! Love her!

We have also been going to BYU Gymnastics meets, watching BYU and UNC in the NCAA tourney, and going to story time at the library.  Madi is also learning how to help mommy clean as well as how to voice her own opinion(ah, the fun begins!). ;) We just love life, and we love each other! 

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