Friday, July 8, 2011

Last trip to St. George for a little while...

Just thinking about that title makes me sad.  At the end of April, Bruce and I decided to move to North Carolina.  On the way home from a conference in Salt Lake, Bruce got the impression that we should move to NC.  He came home and told me what he had felt. After I got over the disbelief, I immediately began having mixed feelings.  I have always been close with my family, and ever since I left to go to BYU it's been hard being away from them. Part of my heart yearns to be closer to them, while the other part loves Utah and my family out there too.  I wonder if the day will ever come when I won't have to be torn? (Actually, I know a day will come when we can all be together, but I would love for that time to come while we are still on this earth. *wink wink*) Bruce and I both feel like the Lord wants us in NC right now.  We don't know His plan for us but we know He has one and we are both excited to see how it unfolds.

Since Bruce and I knew we would be moving soon, we decided to take one last trip down to St. George to visit his parents and their new house. We came down on a Thursday night so that we could get three full days there.  When we got there Grammy had a huge stuffed bear waiting for us and Madi absolutely LOVED it! She cuddled with it all weekend. She started to get little possessive of it so we had to teach her to share. haha.
Friday we just relaxed and enjoyed the beautiful weather.  This was Bruce's office for the day. Pretty sweet huh? :) 
Madi also read books with Grammy and helped her vacuum.
Saturday was a fun filled day. We just so happened to be there during Cotton Days, so we started the day off with a little bit of the parade and breakfast at Veteran's Park.  Then we walked around at the different vendor booths. They also had a fun little petting "zoo" that Madi loved. 
Then Grammy and Papo watched Madi while Bruce and I went to the St. George temple. It was my first time going in the St. George temple and it just so happened to be where Bruce received his endowments, so it was a special and much needed trip to the temple.  Thanks Grammy and Papo!
After church on Sunday, we took the Sidekick out for a little drive. There are a lot of sweet trails in St. George and there is one right beside Kari and Lance's new house!  Bruce and Lance had been the day before and saw some cool stuff, so Bruce wanted to take me and Kari up.  One thing they found was part of a golf course up on a ledge. 
We also found some sand dunes.
It was so beautiful when we finally got to the top.  You could see everything. The picture on the left is of Sand Hollow Reservoir and in the picture on the right you can see(if you squint) the St. George temple and the big D on the mountain. 
When we got back and Madi woke up from her nap, we all headed to a park in downtown St. George.  It has a little man-made stream running through it.  Last time we were here Madi didn't really want to get in the water because it was too cold, but this time she loved it.  When it was time to go she kept signing "more" because she didn't want to stop playing.  
Then the time we had been dreading came. It was time to say goodbye.  I wasn't prepared for it at all and it was a lot harder than I thought it was going to be.  I was at least able to hold back my tears until we got in the car though. :) Here are some pics of Madi giving Grammy and Papo kisses goodbye. 
We had so much fun on this trip and just writing about it makes me want to go back so bad. But it also makes me super excited for Thanksgiving when we get to go back. :)

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