Monday, October 4, 2010

Conference Weekend

This past weekend was conference weekend.  I love conference!  I love it because you get to spend so much time with family and I especially love hearing the words of our beloved prophet and his apostles as well as listening to the beautiful music of the Tabernacle Choir.  After every conference I always go away feeling overwhelmed with the spirit and a renewed determination to live my life the way the Lord wants me too.

In between sessions on Saturday we went up the canyon to a place where Bruce goes mountain biking with some guys in the ward.  There is a cute little park where they start so we decided to go up there and take pictures.  (I needed a picture for my teacher bio page for work. I went back to work coaching a few tumbling classes one afternoon a week.  It's nice to make a little extra cash and Madi gets to spend some quality time with Daddy!)  I think they turned out pretty well for our dinky little camera and having to set it on a trash can with the timer. hehe.