Friday, January 7, 2011


This year we spent Christmas with Bruce's family at a cabin in Idaho. Bruce's sister's husband's family (make sense? haha) owns a cabin and we were privileged enough to spend a few days there! It was so much fun playing at the cabin and having the whole family together. We played games, watched movies, went snowmobiling, had a fun Christmas Eve program, opened presents, yada yada. 

Here are some photos of the cabin. I wanted to get a picture of the outside of the cabin but that didn't happen.  It is such a sweet cabin. It's right by the lake for lots of summer fun, in the mountains for a good time in the winter, 4 story, with lots of fun toys like jet skis, a boat, and snowmobiles, just to name a few. Oh and there are these cute bears all over the inside. 

I took this picture not only for the beautiful scenery but because it has some sentimental meaning. Two and a half years ago in the summer when Bruce and I were still dating we spent a few days at the cabin with some of his family. Right here at this spot, at sunset, I told Bruce that I loved him. *tear* ;) (He had said it to me the week before). I was excited to go to the cabin again because I knew memories and feelings would come back from the last time we were there, and they did. 
Christmas Eve morning all the adults got to take turns riding snowmobiles. Bruce had been several times but this was my first. I was really excited but also nervous. I was really loving it when we first started out. I even was the first one to fall off, no biggie, it was fun (except my bum was sore for like a week). Then we got to the powder. That was fun too. Until we had to do really sharp turns and go up really steep hills.  And you can't do these things cautiously, you have to go all out. "Whoa Nelly, I ain't ready to do that yet. I'm on a stinking 550 lb machine that I haven't gotten used to yet." So I toughed it out for a little bit, but then I had had enough. I made Bruce come back early with me. Yes, I was the pansy that made my husband come back early.  All in all I had fun and would definitely do it again. But this time was a little too much too fast for me. Give me some time to get comfortable and I think I could be a lean mean snowmobile riding machine! Maybe. ;) 
The top two pics are of me and Bruce while we were waiting to go. The bottom ones are of Bruce parents and his sister doing a sweet jump.
Now on to Christmas day. It was definitely fun playing Santa this year and watching Madi open her presents. She was so overwhelmed with everything going on that morning and all of the other kids around her that she wasn't too interested in opening her presents. Luckily, we let her open her gifts from Mema and Grandpa (my parents) before we left for the cabin, otherwise I would have been disappointed in her reaction. She was really cute to watch doing that. Here are some pics of her opening presents and playing around the cabin Christmas day.  
Madi playing with her cousin Sadie. They had cute matching PJ's.
All the cousins on Christmas day.
Papo cutting the Christmas dinner turkey. Best turkey I have EVER had thanks to Krysta!
Playing Pac Man and pinball upstairs. 
Once the kids were in bed we all played the name game. Here are some pics of round 3, charade style. I haven't laughed so hard in a long time.  
And finally here are some cute pics of Madelyn that Bruce's sister Malaena took with her sweet new camera lens. 
Ah, but let's not forget a video of Madi playing with her favorite Christmas present from my parents. 


  1. Don't we just love Skype! Loved watching your parents watch as you tape . . . LOL! When Abbey was at college, we Skyped her in to be part of singing happy birthday to any brothers whose birthdays came up while she was away. Technology can be wonderful. And Madi sure loved that toy :-)

  2. That video is REALLY cute! She is awesome! Great post too....that is really super funny.

  3. mallory had that toy for her first birthday and i swear she still plays with that thing!

  4. the timidness about the's being a mom. I promise. I used to love all kinds of things that make me nervous now...and I didn't understand it for a long time. You watch and see...there are other things that will creep up (the more adventurous stuff) that will make you think twice that used not to.... Sigh. These kids sure are cute, but they take even the spit-fire out of us! Just kidding! :)

  5. Laura, I have definitely noticed that! I worry about things now that didn't even phase me before I had Madi.

    Lauren, I'm glad Mallory still likes that toy. I'm hoping Madi likes it for a while too!

    Malaena, Thanks!

    Cindy, yes, we LOVE Skype. It has made the distance between us a lot more bearable. My parents' internet wasn't working the other day and we had to talk on the phone. It felt weird and old fashioned. haha.