Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas Eve

Off to Grandma's house we go for a little Christmas Eve celebration.  I have so many good memories of Christmas Eve's and Grandma and Grandpa's house.  Eating a scrumptious meal at the "kids" table, having to wait forever for the grown ups to clean up dinner so we could start all the fun stuff, dressing up and acting out the manger scene, listening to Grandpa read Luke 2, trying to recite Twas The Night Before Christmas with Grandma as she read it, snowball competitions, and of course, opening presents. 

Now that we are all grown and most of our cousins have moved away...nothing has changed. :)  Here are some pictures from the night. And because I'm too lazy to group them together in the editor, you get to scroll down to Africa to see all of them.  Sorry. 

Me and the hubs.
Zack and Allie being cute with Madi.                          
Mom and Pops.
Bruce and Madi post opening her Christmas PJ's.
Our normal faces. 
Madi with Uncle "ess en" (Weston)
Snowball time! Everyone gets a scoop of ice cream (snowball) with a candle in it.
 We light the candles and the person to eat their ice cream and keep the candle burning the longest wins. 
Bruce was the wiiiiiner this year!
We also like to have sleepovers on Christmas Eve.  This is the whole clan ready for bed in our newly finished room. 
This is us being excited for Santa come.  
Now it's off to dreamland as we wait for Santa to come and fill our stockings. Yes, Santa still fills our stockings and brings us presents even though we are "old". He's so magical. :)

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