Saturday, January 7, 2012

3rd Anniversary

For our third anniversary we took a short little trip to Virginia Beach. The reason we were able to do this is because of my dad's trucking business. For the past couple of month Bruce has been helping my dad either loading trucks or actually driving them whenever my dad needs it.  It just so happened that my dad had a load that Bruce could take right near Virginia Beach.  So I came with him and we made a little anniversary trip out of it! It was nice because the trip cost us next to nothing. 

Our trip was very relaxing and it was so nice to just be together for a little bit.  We took a dip in the pool, went out to dinner, drank hot chocolate, watched movies, and walked on the beach.  They also had some Christmas lights set up along the beach. You could drive down the boardwalk and look at them.  We went to the aquarium, but the thought of paying $50 bucks to look at fish made us sick to our stomachs, so we left. haha.  

I love my husband SO much.  He makes me so happy. :)

Also, I made this video for our Bruce.  It has pictures from the time we met up until now.

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