Friday, January 6, 2012

Christmas Crafting/Baking Fun

There are so many cute and fun Christmas crafts out there, especially on Pinterest.  I was dying to give a few a try.

One day, Madi and I made cinnamon ornaments for our little Christmas tree. They smelled so yummy! 
I made these cute little snowmen for Madi's Christmas party at preschool. 
And these cute reindeer cookies for my primary class.
For FHE one night we made gingerbread houses. Madi had a lot of fun. Especially eating the candy instead of putting it on the house. 

Now Madi is obsessed with building houses.  She stacks her books on top of each other and says, "Mom, house. House. Mom, house. I build a house." Then she stacks her sippy cup on top of her plate and says "Mom, house. House. Mom, house. I build a house."  Every time she sees the gingerbread house sitting on the counter she points it out.  It's pretty cute how much she loves that we built a house together and that it's made of candy. 

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